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Thrifty Ideas for Giving Your Home a Makeover in Preparation for the Holidays

It is that special time of year that many of us love and hate, especially if times are hard and the pocket is empty. Getting the house ready for large family events and holiday parties can be stressful and costly, but it does not have to be that way. The following thrifty ideas can help you give your home a makeover for the holidays without expensive purchases:

Survey each room of the house and check furnishings for scratches, dents, dirt, and fading fabric. Then, get to work with the following creative ways to make those problems disappear:
• Use strategically-placed tablecloths, placemats, table runners and floral arrangements to hide unsightly blemishes on any piece of furniture.
• Cover seats with slipcovers, which can give formal appeal to areas that are traditionally informal. Slipcovers for loveseats hide stains, rips, and outdated upholstery patterns and are easy to fit over older furniture.
• Use card tables borrowed from relatives or friends for added seating and cover with leftover wrapping paper.
• Pick up Christmas china as you find it at thrift stores and mix all of the patterns for an interesting, eclectic collection.
• Make table arrangements from fresh fruit, candles, and framed family Christmas pictures from previous years.
• Use a little gold or silver spray paint and glitter to add sparkle to pine branches and adorn the thresholds, or go natural with mistletoe, which is completely free.
• Make bundles of cinnamon sticks and tie with bright ribbons to give the house that festive atmosphere.

While shopping at Macy’s might produce spectacular Christmas displays, it would only add to the after Christmas blues in most homes. If the object is to have a lovely, enjoyable holiday on a limited budget, the following sources should be used as often as possible.
• Thrift Stores such as those run by the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or the Humane Society.
• Freecycle, an online community which fosters the recycling of usable objects by passing them on to those who need them.
• Craig’s List, which has a column of ads for items that people are willing to give away for free.
• Consignment shops which reduce the prices of gently used merchandise.
• Neighborhood swap meets with neighbors
• Flea markets where holiday treasures are just waiting to be discovered.
Preparing for the holidays on a budget does take more time, but when the season has passed, you will be left with wonderful memories rather than mountains of bills, and that is what this season should bring. Friends and family are going to be much more impressed by your creativity and thoughtfulness than they would ever be by an outrageous display of wealth. This holiday season you can dazzle those you love with your ingenuity and delight the children by allowing them to help.

A guest post from Caroline Smith. Caroline loves discovering thrifty ideas she can use around her home. She has a website that sells furniture covers and offers practical tips on how they can be used to give even the most ugly couch a makeover.

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