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Dunkin’ Donuts Turbo Coffee Review

Dunkin’ Donuts
“Live. Love. Latte” Maurice the talking espresso bean.
Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Well OK so some people don’t even like coffee but for me it is essential. I actually love coffee, the smell, flavor and decor (my kitchen is decked out in a coffee theme). So I was thrilled to review Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I was sent a sample of the ‘Dunkin’ Turbo’ Coffee to review (twist my arm), which offers an extra kick to start your day. Dunkin’ Donuts has been selling brewing coffee for over 60 years, this should say something, if it wasn’t great it wouldn’t have stayed so long. They sell 30 cups per second!!  

The Dunkin’ Turbo coffee I received came packaged in a resealable foil package brightly decorated with the well known Dunkin’ Donut logo. As soon as you open a fresh bag of coffee the smell is always amazing (to me at least), almost as good as a fresh pot. Dunkin’ Turbo was certainly that! Coffee in our house is a big thing, my husband will get up at 5 make a pot, which I will then drink while chasing a few kids out the door to the bus. When I work (at night ) he will brew another pot for me. He often wakes me up for work by bringing me a fresh cup. I can tell you I could smell Dunkin’ Turbo all the way in the bedroom. Wonderful! The coffee has a smooth flavor and settles well on an empty stomach (I hardly ever get breakfast before coffee) while holding the amazing flavor Dunkin’ Donuts is known for. After the first cup I could feel the kick, not a jittery wired kick, but an increase in awareness kick. I felt more alert and ready to go, (no shaking) but i didn’t push it past 2 cups. This will surely be on my next grocery list as my husband enjoyed it also.
Many of you I am sure live near and stop in a Dunkin’ Donuts, I however have never been in one. Thankfully Dunkin’ Donuts is available in most grocery stores, drug stores and club stores nationwide. Like everything in this tech age they also have a website, which I strongly encourage all you coffee readers to check out. The Dunkin’ Donuts website is really interesting, lots of facts, like coffee beans are actually the pit of fruit like cherries and Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. to produce coffee. The site also has tips on brewing, the best is a recipe for iced Dunkin’ Donut coffee! Did you know that iced coffee is double the amount of regular coffee? interesting huh?. They also have a perk program where if you enroll now you get a free medium beverage and one for your birthday!! Whoo hoo! Who can beat that?? Dunkin’ Donuts also sells a variety of flavors, dark, french vanilla, hazelnut also for those of you who are not coffee fans the sell tea.
**Thank you to Dunkin’ Donuts  for sponsoring this review.  I will not receive any compensation from this giveaway in exchange for an honest review and the opinion above is 100% mine. 

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