Gomez Catering: Food Traditions And Superstitions Around The World

Gomez Catering: Food Traditions And Superstitions Around The World

There are various different cultures that act upon their own unique traditions, many of which include food. Because food is so important to life, it has encompassed just about everything we do, from celebrations to simple superstitions.

Offerings to the gods?

There are many different religious practices throughout the world, one of which is Hinduism. While not all religions offer food to the gods, it is the practice of this particular religion to prepare a meal known as Prasada, which means mercy. This meal must be prepared according to the guidelines of avoiding mushrooms, onions, and garlic, but is otherwise vegetarian in nature. The practice is both physical and mental, in which the cook meditates on the purpose of the Prasada and their relationship within their religion.

Weddings- eaten and thrown

Cake is perhaps the most well-known of all traditional food items throughout the world. In America, the cake is often multi-layered and is first shared between the bride and groom. Each person takes a slice and feeds it to their companion in a show of trust and bonding.

As for rice, it’s a popular pastime to throw it to inspire prosperity between husband and wife. The seed is interpreted as an offering of fertility and abundance in their new life together.

Salt over the left shoulder

This age old classic has been a superstition for centuries. But, basically it was an act to keep the devil (who is said to reside over your left shoulder) at bay. During the age of the Roman Empire, a soldier’s pay included a portion of salt, which was very valuable. If it was spilt, it was seen as a sign of bad luck. The act of throwing the salt over the shoulder was basically to blind the devil to your mistake and avoid bad luck.

Garlic for warding off vampires

Garlic is a legendary classic for anyone who adores superstitions. In ancient times, vampires were considered to be a prominent threat that would feed on the life or blood of another creature (some legends claimed that vampires sought life energy rather than anything physical). Garlic is renowned for its ability to boost immune systems and improve circulation, but was also a popular antibiotic treatment during that particular time period. The medicinal application merged over to superstition, and it was considered good practice to keep vampires at bay with a wreath of garlic hung on the door.

Food comes in all shapes, flavors, and sizes- and they even come with their own purposes. There are so many traditions out there that one could never list them all, so consider asking your West Texas caterer about their own traditions. And the next time you find yourself preparing food a certain way, consider what has made this a tradition in your life.

Author Bio: Mark Gomez is the owner and operator of Gomez Catering which specializes in providing full service, off-premise catering and party planning. With an emphasis on quality, customer service, and style we can help you with any size event but we believe there are no limitations when it comes to food. What lies in your imagination is our goal to create and bring to life. Connect with us on Facebook .

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