Emsa Clip & Close Storage Containers Review

Emsa Clip & Close Storage Containers Review

Looking to replace your storage containers for something more sanitary AND air tight?

Emsa Clip & Close containers are 100% airtight, 100% leak proof and 100% sanitary.  How?  There are no nooks and crannies to trap food particles or dirt in.  Making them easier to ensure that they are clean.  You know that ring that they have around the lid to keep the air out?  It is actually fused together with the lid, so that it can’t trap food or dirt. 

They are BPA Free making them even safe for baby food.  Here is my entire pineapple in the large 125oz container.  I could have put 2 pineapples in this one. 

But, the thing that stands out, is how easy they are to open and close.  The clips on the sides are easy even for clumsy or arthritic fingers to operate.

There is even a 30-year warranty on the containers.  That warranty even includes the lids and clips!

You can score Free Shipping with any $50 order.   As I was shopping, expecting to pay a fortune, I was shocked to see how inexpensive these are.  Especially knowing they are under warranty for 30 years.    The set I received for review is only $29.99!  And it is 5 separate nesting containers.

I received a 5pc nesting storage set for review purposes.  I was under no obligation to post a positive review.  All opinions are my own.

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