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Cheeseburger Stromboli

Looking for a twist on the normal cheeseburger that you know your family loves? This is a great way to switch it up a tad. I used a canned pizza crust that I had picked up on clearance and needed used up.   Combine with your favorite cheeseburger ingredients and you have dinner :) … [Read more...]

Mother’s Meatloaf Recipe

Meatloaf is a comfort food that most of us can be taken back in time with.  My mother used 57 as her special ingredient.  What about your family, what is their secret to their meatloaf recipe?  If you don't have a favorite already try Faylee's moms recipe.  It contains ingredients that once combined should make a delicious combination!  1 lb Ground round 1/2 lb whole hog sausage 1 potato [medium] shredded 1 8 inch carrot [shedded] 2 eggs [large, lightly beaten] 1/2 cup celery … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Famous Stuffed Bell Peppers

Time flies these days and it can often seem impossible to put together a delicious meal for the entire family. What's more, good nutritional habits often take a back seat to quick and easy meals. Yikes! So how can we feed our families healthy meals with the little time we have each day? Look no further than Grandma's Famous Stuffed Bell Peppers. Not only are stuffed peppers easy to make but they are very healthy for all the members of your family. So let's get started! You will need: · 4 … [Read more...]