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Veggietales: A League of Incredible Vegetables Review & Giveaway

Oh No!  The Veggietales have to fend off a villian that is trying to freeze the entire city (with fear)!    Could Larry Boy handle the job?  No...he needs the help of the Incredible Veggietales.  :) Who are these superheros? Thingamabob (Bob the Tomato) S-Cape (Mr. Lunt) Vogue (Petunia Rhubarb) Ricochet (Junior Asparagus) My Thoughts On Veggietales: A League of Incredible Vegetables This is a really cute movie.  If your kiddos like the Veggietales Larry Boy movies, they … [Read more...]

It’s Christmas For The Kids Gift Hop – Win 3 ToyState Kids Cars

With the holiday shopping season upon us, zuuzs introduces their holiday shopping page. We all have price points in mind while shopping for our friends and family, so zuuzs has made it easier for you to find the best deals according to your budget. Make sure to check it out! And as always, you get cash back on everything you buy through To help with your Holiday Shopping for your kids, zuuzs is offering the Grand Prize of a KidKraft Grand Espresso Corner Kitchen. Go over to … [Read more...]

Power Wheels Ford F-150 Group Giveaway

Welcome to the Power Wheels Ford F-150 Giveaway! Hosted by Giveaway Promote. Sponsored by and To celebrate the holidays, genuine Ford parts retailer has partnered with to give away a brand new Ford F-150! Of course, there's a catch... We're not giving away a full-sized Ford truck. That would be cool, but the people in charge won't let us. So, we're going to give away a Power Wheels F-150 … [Read more...]

The True Spirit of Christmas – Is a Goat on YOUR Gift List?

I would say that almost everyone reading this does NOT have a live goat on their holiday gift list.  That isn't the case in a lot of the world. World Vision is an amazing charity that works hard to bring sustainable resources to people in need.  You can shop this holiday season thru and help support those efforts. You can buy a goat for a family in need for only $75.  Or a Goat and 2 chickens for just $100.  That will give a steady supply of eggs, milk and meat … [Read more...]

Oransi Robby Wash Ball – Review & Giveaway

There are days when I believe that the washer will never stop.  I call those days Mt. Saint Laundry days!  It is on those days when I was get aggravated at using a bottle of laundry soap so quickly.  And I have an HE Machine!!   So, when I given the chance to try the Oransi Robby Wash Ball, I totally jumped at it. The information said that 1 ball would wash all my clothes for a YEAR!  It runs around $33 on Amazon, so I am thinking, WOW, What a bargain.  If this works the way they say … [Read more...]

30 Days Of Friends Trivia Challenge + Giveaway

Warner Bros. Pictures is proud to announce the release of Friends: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set November 13th 2012; along with the 30 Days of Friends: Trivia Challenge Blog App and Video Player! Why you will love taking part in 30 Days of Friends: Trivia Challenge! ~ Come back everyday to earn a different Friends character badge, unlock hidden badges, and earn awesome Friends content along the way. ~ Mashup Clip Countdown! Relive all your favorite Friends moments in these fun … [Read more...]

It’s In The Bag Giveaway Hop – Dunkin Donuts, Cold Stone, Carmex & Candy

Welcome to the It's in the Bag Giveaway Hop hosted by Life With Two Boys and With Our Best! This is a "what's in your purse?" themed giveaway hop and will feature a variety of products that women find in their purse. Each of the participating blogs has an awesome prize worth at least $25 so after you enter my giveaway be sure to hop around to the rest of the blogs on the linky below. Giveaway Blogdom will be offering a variety of things that are found in my purse up for grabs. For starters … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning In Autumn Group Giveway Hop – $20 Amazon Gift Card

Welcome to the Spring Cleaning in Autumn Hop hosted by Saved By Grace and How Was Your Day? Each Wonderful blogger on the list below has a giveaway for you with a prize fitting the theme to make your home more organized, clean or pleasant to get ready for the upcoming holidays! Just hop from Blog to Blog and enter as many as you can! Each prize is worth at least $20, with many worth more! This hop runs for one week only, November 3rd through November 10th! Giveaway Blogdom is offering a $20 … [Read more...]

Welcome To LazyTown Prize Pack Giveaway From KidToons

It's another exciting and entertaining month here at Kidtoons as we premiere Welcome to LazyTown in November showing in 135 Kidtoons theatres nationwide! Welcome To LazyTown Synopsis: In “Welcome to LazyTown,” the inquisitive, adventurous and playful Stephanie comes to live in LazyTown and meets a zany mix of townspeople, including the world’s laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten. Fortunately for Stephanie, LazyTown is also under the watchful eye of Sportacus, an athletic, super-fit, … [Read more...]

Trooper & The Legend Of The Golden Key – Review & Giveaway

About Trooper & The Legend Of The Golden Key Move over Sherlock Holmes -- the nosiest, furriest private eye to ever solve a case is hard at work in TROOPER AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN KEY, a new Dove-approved family friendly film that will have kids howling with glee when it arrives on DVD this October! Trooper the Bloodhound is a natural-born sleuth who lives in a town that has a mysterious legend…a legend of a Golden Key that could be worth one million dollars. But when Trooper and … [Read more...]

Paper, Scissors, Rock – Artistic Nightlight Review & Giveaway

This was a great review for me.  I love paintings and especially ones of nature.  Paper Scissors Rock has these awesome nightlights with reproductions of paintings.  I let my daughter pick out her favorite nightlight and she chose the Hummingbird.  This is no surprise, because we have a hummingbird living right outside her bedroom window. The first thing that impressed me was the packaging.  I know that sounds odd, but if you are sending a gift to someone directly, you want the packaging … [Read more...]

Kidorable Product Review & Umbrella Giveaway

Oh how I love Kidorable.  I have been buying their products for about a year now.  We started with the Umbrellas!  OH MY GOODNESS, they are so cute, but also very durable. We used them for play time as well as for rainy days.  (We don't see many rainy days here in Phoenix, AZ).  So, we had a lot of fun using them to keep the sun off of us at backyard picnics too! Check out how my cutie models her Fairy Umbrella: So, when I was asked to review other Kidorable items, I jumped at … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life Review & Giveaway

Let me start with I LOVE being married. It's great knowing I have a partner to keep me in check, support me and raise my family with. When I received the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul series book the Chicken Soup for the Soul : Married Life,  I couldn't have been happier! As I sat down to read a few of the stories it was like I was looking at my own marriage and it also gave me time to laugh knowing others have the same things going on in their own marriage. My favorite story so far is … [Read more...]

The Adventures of Scooter The Penguin Review & Giveaway

Scooter is a unique little bird from a lost colony of penguins known for their amazing speed and strength. Abandoned before he was even hatched, Scooter is taken in by a family of silver penguins who encourage his talents. Still, Scooter feels like he doesn’t belong. It is not until he learns lessons of love and self-worth that he returns to his village and saves the day. The boys and I were headed out of town this last weekend and it was going to be a long drive. This was the perfect time … [Read more...]

Veggietales: The Ultimate Christmas Collection Review & Giveaway

Do your kiddos already love Veggietales?  I know mine do.  And I love letting them watch Veggietales because each story has a great message.  It gets kids thinking.  These aren't mindless cartoons. This Ultimate Christmas Collection is an awesome 2 DVD + 1 CD set.  Within the 2 DVD's there are the following titles: It's A Meaningful Life - This is a new take on the old classic "It's A Wonderful Life".  In this film, the main character Stewart is struggling with why his life is where … [Read more...]