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My Baby Clothes Boutique – Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Most of you know by now that I absolutely LOVE dressing my babies up in the cutest clothes I can find.  It's actually kind of strange because I never liked dressing up baby dolls when I was a little girl, and I think my son (who was my first born) probably wore the same three pairs of pajamas for about 16 months, but once I had my little girls and my first little dress I was hooked.  Of course, my bank account doesn't always like dressing up my girls as much as I do (to say nothing of my … [Read more...]

Pride Socks Review and Giveaway (Birthday Bash) – CLOSED

Be proud to be who you are. This is essentially the theme behind Pride Socks, believing everyone should be proud of who they are so they will have the confidence to achieve their dreams! In reality easier said then done, as our confidence is easily bruised or crushed by many things. Pride Sock support individuality and allow confidence to show through their socks!I received three pairs of Pride Socks, which look similar but the stripes are different, subtle difference but there. Immediately my … [Read more...]

T-Shirt Printing Review

Do you ever wish you can have you company, band or nickname printed on a shirt? Do you ever have a great saying that would look awesome on a shirt? Well this is what T-Shirt Printing is all about (I know you were tricked by the name huh?). T-Shirt Printing offers screen printing on t-shirts, hoodies, and work ware, in men, women and kids. A great way to promote you brand, school, team or company. T-Shirt Printing not only does words and saying but great pictures also! I received a fun t-shirt … [Read more...]

Turkish Towel Company: Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Have you guys heard of the Turkish Towel Company?  It is a fantastic organization which uses Turkish cotton to make.... you guessed it - towel products.  Now I know what you're probably thinking, "It's a towel right, the thing I use to dry my hands after I do the dishes; what's so special about Turkish Towels?"  Actually, these towels really are special.  Because they are made with Turkish cotton, which has extra long fibers making it softer and more durable than traditional … [Read more...]

Peek-a-boo Nursing Top: Review

A few days ago, I received a classic black nursing tank top from Peek-a-boo, a company which specializes in selling maternity and nursing clothing.  For those of you who don't know me, I am currently nursing my 8 month-old daughter, and I've also nursed my other two children until they were at least one.  In total, I've been a nursing momma for three out of the last five years - which, in my opinion at least, makes me kind of an expert on the tricks and trials of nursing.  I am … [Read more...]