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$9 Sterling Silver Plated Mesh Ring

Your good silverware only makes two appearances a year — Thanksgiving and Christmas. But adding a touch of silver to your jewelry box proves way more versatile (and doesn't require handmade place cards). Polish up your look with today's Save from Armoury Boutique. Here's the deal: 1) $9 for a sterling silver-plated mesh ring, 2) $14 for a sterling silver-plated bangle bracelet or 3) $19 for both. The mesh design of these elegant baubles is both intricate and simple. They play well with all … [Read more...]

Pure Pearls – Review & Giveaway

I am coming around to modern day life and that in my mind means jewelry.  I didn't grow up much with it but have really taken an interest.  It's an easy way to dress up any outfit and as most mom's know it can really help an exhausted, overworked mom look put together in jeans and a t-shirt (that has been smeared with cracker crumbs).  The one problem with most jewelry?  Styles tend to change and often, however, pearl jewelry is always in style!  That's why I am … [Read more...]

Guy and Eva Jewelry Review & Giveaway (Birthday Bash) – CLOSED

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend but sometimes diamonds aren't always practical or affordable in mommyhood.  Guy and Eva is is helping bring stylish high end fashion to mommyhood at affordable prices.  One of my biggest problems with picking out jewelry is that I have a horrible eye for it.  I love having the option of it all being laid out for me and if it comes in a set, even better!Here's the back.  Forgive the photo quality :(Guy and Eva has some wonderful … [Read more...]

Vintage Pearl- Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

Jewelry is becoming a larger part of my life.  I love the way women can make a simple necklace really dress up an outfit and give the finishing touches.  I envy that fact actually.  In the past if I was given jewelry (specifically necklaces) I wore it until I received a new piece or I had just worn it out. However, as I get older I am taking on a new attitude.  So here I am searching for companies that provide quality jewelry that is made to last and can go with multiple … [Read more...]