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    A. Martinez says:


    For some reason the contact us form is giving me an error ([contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]), but I would love to get some information about supplying giveaway product.


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    Amanda says:

    Hi there,

    I’m contacting you as I was wondering if you would be interested in receiving some content from me for your blog?

    I work for a small PR company, and we have some professional journalists who write across various different subjects, and I think that we could provide you with some articles that would really suit your site. We have writers who specialise in a variety of different subjects, such as family finance, family health/recipe ideas, beauty, skincare, and general lifestyle. I think that we would be able to write articles to suit you, and I believe these would really add value to your site.

    We don’t ask for any payment for the articles, we just ask that we can publish two discreet links within each article, pointing back to one of our client’s site.

    I hope this is something you will be interested in, please do let me know and we can send you an article as soon as possible.



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    Emil says:

    Came across your blog after searching google blogs for “trivia.” I would love to cross promote with you if you’re interested. You can reach me or Crystal at the above email, check out our site, let me know what you think. Thanks Emil

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    Jhitomi says:

    Hi! Wondering if you ever posted winner of the daily trivia challenge for December? I may have missed it, but thought I had a good chance to win so just wanted to check. Thanks!

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      Brandy says:

      I am not sure I will have to check with Amanda. I know she was in the middle of moving at that time and I just assumed she did it.


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